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Programs & Ministries

Influencing people to know Jesus Christ in a personal way


Sunday Worship

Our worship services offer a balance of traditional and contemporary music which is appealing to all ages. Every effort is made to provide a quality of worship that encourages and challenges in the area of the Christian living. Biblical teaching focuses on current issues/matters that affect us all. Signing is provided during the service for the hearing impaired.


Adult Ministries

Programs and ministries intended to help adults grow in their faith and their relationships at St. John's Citadel. From sports, to prayer, to painting, all are welcome many different times a week.

Youth Ministries

Programs designed to give young people a chance to share in fellowship, Bible study, and fun. A wide variety of activities throughout the whole week gives ample opportunity for young people to come out and learn about God while forming lasting friendships.



At St. John’s Citadel, our ministry in music is an important part of who we are. It provides an appreciated dimension to our worship and gives opportunity for outreach. We seek to develop our church members’ interests and talents for music, regardless of age or ability level. For more information on our music programs, please contact a member of the pastoral team.


Small Group Ministry

We believe that discipleship and life transformation happen best in relationship, and ultimately the best place for that is in small groups.  Our groups provide an opportunity to enjoy a deeper relationship with God and each other, promote meaningful and lasting friendships, provide prayerful and practical support, promote spiritual growth and development, and create opportunities to serve God and others. If you are interested in learning more about our small group ministry, or registering for a group, please contact us.

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