Women's Ministries Bible Study Launch

Starting on Tuesday, April 27th, we will be starting a new series based on the book of 1 Corinthians. You can read the description below:

Christianity calls us to sacrifice instead of living for oneself. We have to choose one or the other—we can't do both. The Christians in Corinth tried to live the Christian life in a worldly way.

Paul wrote the letter of 1 Corinthians to a divided and self-centered people to remind them to follow Jesus and only Jesus.

In this 12-part series, author and speaker Jennie Allen walks into the messy lives of the Corinthians and takes us through Paul’s words to the conflicted church. We'll see how the truth of the gospel and the Spirit of God can empower us to choose to follow Jesus every day of our lives.

The trailer video for the series can be found on our Facebook page.

This is open to all women and you can join in either online, or in person at 7pm.


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