Public Health Update

If you attended or tuned in to our service yesterday, you would have heard an announcement regarding the latest update from Public Health. Our Public Health guidelines for gatherings now permits us to allow for full capacity without physical distancing. Please see the communication below. Vax pass and masks are still required.

Because space is no longer limited, pre-registration for Sundays will no longer be required. (I’m sure some of you are shouting a loud hallelujah to that!) You are, however, required to check-in upon arrival in the foyer as per usual so an attendance list can be maintained in the event of contact tracing being required.

We recognize after all these months there may be some who are uncomfortable coming into a room full of people that is not socially distanced. If that is the case, please let us know in advance of Sunday and we can be sure to arrange to have a designated space for you. Our building is big enough to allow for that if it would make you more comfortable.

We look forward to sharing with more of you in person now that space is no longer limited. It has been a long while since we’ve had this opportunity, so we are excited to see you!

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