Hig Horses!

November 19, 2015

IN his book Heart to God Hand to Man Commissioner Ed Read tells of wild-west outlaw, jumping on a swift horse to escape justice. Though glad he made a successful getaway, he sees something near a prairie hut that grips him and he halts his horse.

Standing beside the lonely homestead was a distraught woman, holding a baby in her arms. “My baby is dying, and there is no one to get us to a doctor,” she sobbed and wipes the sweat of anxiety from her brow with the tail of a dirty apron.  

A few minutes later the wanted cowboy unloaded mother and child near a town, knowing they'd get help. But because his winded horse was unable to gallop away he was captured. 

In jail, his friends called to asked, “You had a head start on a swift horse. Why did you do it?” 

“I'll tell you why. I'd do it again too. I'd go through fire and water, and hell itself, if I could only get this dirty feeling off my soul.” 

The man's motive was praiseworthy but guilt payment does not provide inner cleansing.

William Pearson knew the answer to cleansing though, and wrote:                                    

Jesus, save me through and through,                                   

Save me from self mending,                                   

Self salvation will not do,                                   

Passing through a cleansing. 

If only all mankind would get of their high horses and make this prayer theirs!    

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