Sight and Sites!

November 19, 2015

I will lift up my eyes.... Psalm 121:1 

LORD Northcliffe provided a living for hundreds of Newfoundland families for 100 years. (My family was one of them.) The story began around 1905 when Northcliffe built the Grand Falls paper mill to provide newsprint for the famous London Times.

As the story goes, the Irish businessman did more than publish the family-owned newspaper. He read it too. He read so much his eyes literally “stopped looking”. In a peculiar way, blindness stared him in the face!  Skilled examiners informed Northcliffe there was nothing wrong with his eyes and suggested that he'd take what they called “the far look”.  His continuous, looking down at small print had caused his eyes to grow to tired to look.

Northcliffe was encouraged to do something incredibly simple. Lift up his eyes and head for the hills and view creation. His heeding the weird advice and taking time to view the spacious, beautiful British landscape, turned out to be the right sight for sore eyes.  His vision returned when he lifted up his eyes.  

Do you known people who are looking down when they should be looking up? That's dangerous because it may lead to spiritual astigmatism, if not blindness. Yes, there is a lot of wisdom in the Psalmist's word: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hill from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord...

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