Misery and Manna

October 9, 2015

Seek first the kingdom of god and all these things shall be added unto you; Matthew 6:33. 

Any Newfoundlander who can remember life before World War II knows what poverty is all about. Back then hunger hung over the masses like a hangman's noose over a criminal's head. Disease draped the windows of almost every house. It was terrible!  

The few pennies and government ration cards my mother used to feed and clothe her children in the Great Depression era turned the phrase “make ends meet” into a farce. One thing for certain she had to make sure the hens did not “lay out”. (“Lay out” meant lay eggs somewhere outside of the pen. Some place where the eggs could be stepped on or snatched up by preditors.)  Our family knew what hunger was all about. We certainly took serious the phrase: Give us this day our daily bread.  

While today's cupboards are crammed and freezers full, people are still lacking soul food. Too many are Mother Hubbard poor, spiritually! No need of it though. God has more heavenly manna in His storehouse than was air-lifted to the Israelites in the wilderness. By faith we can truly sing:                                     

I'm living on the mountain                                   

Underneath the cloudless sky                                   

I'm drinking at the fountain                                   

that never will runs dry                                   

I'm feasting on the manna                                   

From a bountiful supply                                   

I'm dwelling in Beulah Land.  

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