His Hand in the Storm

October 2, 2015

 ...you can discern the face of the sky (Matthew 16:3B).  

THERE seems to be more drama on the Weather Channel these days than on the Movie Channel. With massive icecaps melting, fire, floods and droughts descending in their fury, the fatalists of this world are apt to jump on Doris Day's bandwagon and sing, “Whatever will be will be.” People of faith, on the other hand, deny such sentiments. 

Jesus talked about the weather too.  It was He who coined the phrase that we now recite in rhyme: Red sky in the evening, fine weather breathing. Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning.(See Matthew 16:1-3.)   

My older brother likes to tell of a logging camp experience back around 1950. On Sunday evenings, some of the more devout men would hold meetings in the cookhouse. One of those men, a Mr. Parrott, would sing tunefully and passionately: 

In the rock I'll hide, in the shelter abide;                                              When the storms of life come sweeping over me,                                        In the rock I'll hide.  

As people of the sea we readily connect with the loggers. That's why we sing with abandon:                       

With His loving hand to guide,                                                                   Let the clouds above me roll                                                                  And the bellows in their fury dash around me.                                            I can brave the wildest storm                                                               With His glory in my soul.                                                                          I can sing amidst the tempest, “Praise the Lord!”

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